About us

We are one of the first companies to offer this extremely popular team-building activity in a mobile way.

Our mobile escape adventure has been created by the original Hungarian creators of the escape experience; Parapark. Parapark has now grown to operate in 20 locations in Europe as well as globally.

Parapark has based the escape experience on the world famous Hungarian psychologist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's flow theory:  

If your team cannot go to the escape room, we will come to the team. Mobile Escape Rooms are the latest portable escape solution to the team building events and training sessions.

We supply all the equipment required and are able to adapt to the room provided, whether that is a boardroom, living room, class room, etc.  

What sets us apart from the conventional escape game?  

The portable "box" is available at any offsite location, and is customizable and adaptable to any event or company.