Team Building

In the game, participants are assigned one of the 4 boxes that have been placed seperately from each other.  The individual teams have to solve a series of puzzles to open the locks.  

Hidden behind the locks you can customize the escape game to contain a company specific reward, such as gift cards.  

Once the boxes are completely opened, all teams must come together to solve one final puzzle and escape in 60 minutes. 

The final game can also be customized so that the final puzzle leads to what you decide, instead of the key - the sky's the limit.

The team can only escape if they work together and fulfil their mission.

It is through the interplay of the mobile escape boxes that team members experience strengthening cohesion and increased team spirit.

The game is language independent and mixed teams can play together and succeed.

We can come to any event or gathering for both corporations and families alike.  All we require is a space such as a board room, office, lunch room or hallway with electricity.

The maximum number of participants in a 1 hour interval is 28; for as many consecutive hours as required.